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Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder Buy Best Health Benefits Supplement Products Drink Nutrition

Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder Buy Best Health Benefits Supplement Products Drink Nutrition

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Material:Fresh Sea Buckthorn Juice

Process:Spray Dried

Features:Organic Cultivate and Produce, with NOP, EU Organic certified

Capacity:200 Ton/Year

Origin:Qinghai in China

Package:5kg/bag, 4bags/drum (drum size:Φ35cm, h56cm)

Shelf life:12 month

Manufacturer:Qinghai General Health Bio-Science Com. LLC.

History:Organic Cultivate - Produce - Export Sea Buckthorn Products Since 2002

Plant Origin:Sea Buckthorn in Qinghai, China(Altitude:3000m - 4000m)

Latin Name:Hippophae Rhamnoides L.

Other Name:SeaBuckthorn,Sceitbezien, Sea-Buckthorn, Hippophae rhamnoides,Sallow Thorn, Sanddorn


Seabuckthorn (Hippophae L.) in the genus Hippophae, family Elaeagnaceae, is mainly distributed in north, northwest and northeast of China. It is tested by nutritionists sea buckthorn contains rich protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, mineral substances, among which, the content of VC, VE and VA is nearly the most among all fruits and vegetables, especially the content of VC, the content of VC is 3-4 times of kiwifruit, 10-15 times of orange, 20 times of hawthorn, 200 times of grape. In addition, there also contains some vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, K, D, folic acid, niacinamide, and 24 trace elements etc (phosphor, ferrum, magnesium, manganese, kalium, calcium silicate, copper etc). So it is called vitamin’s treasury. Often eating sea buckthorn can help to relieve muscles, promote blood circulation, build strong body, prolong life, promote digestion, reduce blood cholesterol, relieve angina, arrest coughing, prevent acute or chronic trachitis, resist radiation and prevent cancer etc.


1.Sea buckthorn extract total flavonoids of Hippophae rhamnoides can increase myocardial nutritional blood flow and improve myocardial microcirculation

2.Sea buckthorn extract can supplement nutrition, and can improve the body's resistance to disease

3.Sea buckthorn extract can protect the liver.

4.Sea buckthorn extract the asthma, liver qi, promote digestion, bowel detoxification,and fat soluble, fat, activation of nerve cells, activation of renal cells, strengthen the kidney,calming, strong heart sadashi


1. Applied in health care products, especially for cardiovascular system and

2.Adjust the immune system, anti-cacer;

3. It contains kinds of amino acid, vitamins , minerals and EPA, DHA, it's very help for the brain, especially for the kids, it can promote the growth and development of the children;

4. Protect our liver, protect respiratory system;


Packaging Details

1kg/bag,5kg/bag,or 25kg/Hardboard drum,or at your requirment. 

1KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,sealed Aluminum foil bag outside; 

5KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard cartons outside; 

25KG: Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard drum outside. 

Drum size: 38CM*51CM/25kg ,Drum Net Weight: 2.25KG 

Carton size: According to the Qty.


Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container and in ventilated area,

kept away from moisture and strong light or high temperature.

Shelf Life

Two years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light

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