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Echinacea Root Extract Powder Health Benefits Best Herbal Supplement Echinacea Purpurea Medicinal Complex Immune or Kids Colds Drops Pills

Echinacea Root Extract Powder Health Benefits Best Herbal Supplement Echinacea Purpurea Medicinal Complex Immune or Kids Colds Drops Pills

echinacea powder; echinacea root extract ; echinacea herbal supplement; anti-virus,anti-fungi,anti-tumor,anti-bacterial,anti-infections and anti-cancer; pharmaceutical field; high quality products; Free sample; reasonable price; 90-day 100% risk free guarantee; bulk-storage in plant extract industry;

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GMP factory hot sale top quality 100% natural echinacea purpurea extract/ echinacea extract powder/ echinacea extract 4%

Product name:echinacea purpurea extract

Latin name:Echinacea Purpurea L.

Appearance:Brown yellow fine powder

Active ingredient:Cichoric Acid, polyphenols

Specification:Polyphenol 4%-10%; Chicoric acid 1%-4%

Test Method:UV&HPLC

Part Used:Flower


Echinacea Extract is derived form the herb of the same name. It mainly contains Cichoric acid, alkylamides and Echinacoside. People use it as an immune system booster to shorten the duration of the common cold and flu, and reduce symptoms, such as sore throat, cough, and fever. It can also be used as animal drugs and feed additives as a healthy and effective substitute for antibiotics. When combined with Hypericin, the active ingredient of hypericin, Echinacea extract can protect poultry and livestock from bird and swine flu.


1.Natural Echinacea Purpurea Extract used to stimulate the immune system,enhancing immunity,preventing influenza;

2.Treat arthritis or skin dieases,promoting wound repair,relieving toothache and pain of scald;

3.Echinacea Extract with the function of anti-virus,anti-fungi,anti-tumor,anti-bacterial,anti-infections and anti-cancer.

4.Echinacea extract have antiviral effect.


1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used in preventing cancer, such as breast, prostate cancer and colon cancer.

2.Applied in health product field, it is mainly used in improving osteoporosis and womens menopauses symptom.

3.As an immune modulator,it is widely used in the field of cosmetics.

4.As food additives, it is widely used in food industry.


Packaging Details

1kg/bag,5kg/bag,or 25kg/Hardboard drum,or at your requirment. 

1KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,sealed Aluminum foil bag outside; 

5KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard cartons outside; 

25KG: Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard drum outside. 

Drum size: 38CM*51CM/25kg ,Drum Net Weight: 2.25KG 

Carton size: According to the Qty.


Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container and in ventilated area, 

kept away from moisture and strong light or high temperature.

Shelf Life

Two years under well Storage situation and stored away from direct sun light

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