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Cucumber Extract Buy Best Cucumber Fruit Extract Health Benefits Supplement Products Uses for Skin Complex

Cucumber Extract Buy Best Cucumber Fruit Extract Health Benefits Supplement Products Uses for Skin Complex

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Product Name:cucumber extract

Latin Name:Cucumis sativus


Solubility :Soluble in water

Appearance:Gray brown powder

Test Method:TLC

Sieve Analysis:Pass 80 mesh

cucumber extract powder.png


  Cucumber extract has many benefits for the skin. It actually is a member of the same family as also. The juice from cucumber has both strong moisturizing abilities as well as mild astringent effects. Cucumber extract is soothing and helps relieve the puffiness of the skin. It also helps remove dead skin cells and tightens skin. Cucumber is a great ingredient to help revitalize the skin.  


1.Cucumber Extract can detoxification swelling and thirst. It mainly used curing indications fever, thirst, sore throat, wind-heat diseases of the eye, jaundice, dysuria and other symptoms.

2.It can be used in health products, food additives. It has the benefits of anti-tumor, anti-aging, anti-alcoholism, lower blood sugar and strength, brain nerves, soothing, astringent, moisturizing and whitening, slimming effect.

3.Regulate the nervous system, boost brain memory, eliminate fatigue rapidly

4. Enhance immunity, regulate endocrine,

5. Prevent organization aging, prompt wound healing,

6. Enhance immunity of tumor patients and inhibit the production of a variety of tumor cells,

7.Promote sex hormone secretion, improve sexual function , thus delaying the aging effects.


1. Functional food field,

2. Health care products field,

3. Cosmetic field,

4. Pharmaceuticals field.

cucumber extract for skin.png


【Storage】Stored in a clean, cool, dry area; keep away from strong, direct light.

【Packing】Double plastic-bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.

【Shelf Life】Two years when properly stored.

plant extract package.jpg

technological process.png

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