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Fruit Extract Powder

The fruit extract is based on fruit, according to the modern biological extraction technology, through physical and chemical extraction and separation and other processes, to obtain and enrich one or more nutrients in the fruit without changing its nutrient structure. And the product formed. According to the different components of the extracted fruit, the formation of strontium, acid, polyphenols, polysaccharides, steroids, flavonoids, alkaloids, dietary fiber, etc.; according to different traits, can be divided into vegetable oil, extract, fruit powder and so on.
Due to the seasonality and regionality of the production, the fruit is concentrated and concentrated in the harvest and market period, forming a distinct peak season and low season. A large number of juicy, nutritious fruits are not sold soon. Storage and processing. There will be backlogs, shrinkage and even deterioration and decay, resulting in economic losses. At the same time, some of the defective fruit and processing by-products in production will not be fully utilized, which will also reduce the commodity rate. Fruit extract is an emerging plant bill of lading product that has been gradually separated from the plant extract category in recent years, mainly according to the difference in raw materials. The fruit extract is further developed to derive a series of related products and disciplines such as fruit powder jam, fruit wine and fruit milk, which greatly enriches the variety and variety of plant extracts. Make plant extracts extend wider.
Bingo Biochem is a professional and reliable Fruit Extract Powder manufacturer and supplier specializing in the development and production of natural biological extracts. There are a lot of Fruit Extract Powder for sale, you can rest assured that our raw materials are all natural.
  • Papaya Juice Concentrate Extract Powder

    Papaya Juice Concentrate Extract Powder

    Product name: Papaya Extract Powder Extracted part: Fruit Active ingredient: papain enzyme ,vitamin C etc Specification: 5:1 10:1 20:1 Appearance: Brown powder Select all kinds of fruit and vegetables and fermented by probiotics. Macromolecular substances and non digestible...

  • Wolfberry Extract

    Wolfberry Extract

    1.Product name: Wolfberry Extract 2. Type: Instant Powder 3. Appearance: Brown Powder 4. Ingredients: ycium barbarum polysaccharide 5. Specification: 40%~99% 6. Test Method:UV 7.Shelf Life: 2 years keep in dry and cool place 8.Brand Name: BINGO 9.Extraction...

  • Apple Fruitlet Extract 90% Polyphenols

    Apple Fruitlet Extract 90% Polyphenols

    apple fruitlet extract 90% polyphenols [other name] : Apple Extract [Latin Name] : Malus pumila [Appearance]: Brown yellow powder [Specification]: apple polyphenol 50%, 60% ,70%,80%,90% [Part of Used]:Fruit [Form]:Powder [Test Method]:HPLC Picture Product description...

  • goji berries health benefits

    goji berries health benefits

    Product Name: Wolfberry Extract Latin name: Lycium chinense Mill Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides Test Method: UV Color: Brownish Yellow fine powder Odor: Characteristi Taste:Characteristic Form: Powder Part of used: Fruit Specifications: 10%--50% Polysaccharides goji berry...

  • jujube fruit extract

    jujube fruit extract

    Production Name]: Jujube Extract Jujuba Polysaccharide [Latin Name]: Fructus Jujubae [Apperance]:Brown fine powder [Specification]: Polysaccharide: 30%-50% UV; Ration product: 10:1 [Test Method]: UV / TLC The jujube fruit, the ziziphus jujuba, originated in China. The small,...

  • sea buckthorn fruit extract

    sea buckthorn fruit extract

    English Name:Seabuckthorn extract Botanical Source:Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract Used Part:Fruit Spec.:Flavonoid (10-40%UV/HPLC) Ingredients:Polyphenols, Phloretin, Phloridzin Appearance:Light yellow brown fine powder Seabuckthorns, or Hippophae rhamnoides, grow naturally in...

  • bilberry extract

    bilberry extract

    1.Product Name: Blackberry pomace extract 2.Active Ingredient: Anthocyanidin,flavonoids 3.Specification: Anthocyanidins 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% 4.Assay: HPLC/UV Blueberry Extract Powder contain a small amount of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. Altogether these vitamins work as...

  • raspberry flavoring

    raspberry flavoring

    Product Details: Prodcut name:100% natural Palm leaf Raspberry Fruit extract Appearance: Voilet Red Powder Mesh size: 80 Mesh Used Part: Fruit Grade: Healthcare products Brand Name: LSHerb Test Method: HPLC Raspberry Extract contain significant amounts of...

  • papaya fruit extract

    papaya fruit extract

    Product name: Papaya Extract Powder Extracted part: Fruit Active ingredient: papain enzyme ,vitamin C etc Specification: 5:1 10:1 20:1 Appearance: Brown powder 1.Common floweringquine fruit extract can prevent liver cells swelling and promote liver cells repairing; 2.Common...

  • mango extract

    mango extract

    Product name:African Mango Seed Extract Latin name:Irvingia gabonensis Active Ingredient:Flavonoids, Albumins Specification:10:1 CAS No:192230-28-7 Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder Test Method:TLC Irvingia gabonensis extract is derived from the seed of a west african tree also...

  • kiwi fruit extract

    kiwi fruit extract

    Product Name: Kiwi Fruit Extract Latin Name: Fructus Actinidiae chinensis. Used Part: Fruit Appearance: Brownish fine powder Specification: 4:1 Extracted Solvent: Water & Ethanol Test Method: TLC Particle size: 80 mesh Kiwi fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, 1.5 times...

  • kakadu plum extract

    kakadu plum extract

    Product deatails Item: kakadu plum extract Specifications:10:1 Appearence:Light yellow powder Packaging:Foli Bag/Paper Drum/Carton MOQ:1kg Delivery Time:1-3 Working Days Payment:T/T West Union Escrow Shelf Time:2 year Storage:Keep Dry and Keep away from Sunlight Kakadu Plum...

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