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Mushroom Extract Powder

Mushroom extract is a drug that reduces serum cholesterol.
For a long time, people have believed that mushrooms can increase their energy, treat colds and remove intestinal parasites. Mushrooms contain fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, its key ingredient is a polysaccharide called lentinan. Lentinus edodes polysaccharide is extracted from the shredded mycelium of the mushroom, which is rich in polysaccharides and lignin. Using the mycelium that appears before the growth of the mushroom top cover and stem, the shredded mushroom products produced after crushing may reduce the hepatitis B infectivity. Mushrooms can also stimulate white blood cells to make interferon. It has been shown to help boost immunity in laboratory studies.
The protective effect of lentinan on liver and detoxification: Lentinus edodes polysaccharide can significantly reduce the elevation of ALT caused by CC l4, thioacetamide and prednisolone, and can antagonize the decrease of hepatic glycogen content in CCl4 liver injury, and has the function of protecting liver and detoxification.
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