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Grain Extract Powder

  • white kidney bean extract benefits

    white kidney bean extract benefits

    1.Product name: White Kidney beans 2.Active ingredient: Phaseolin, Phaseolamin 3.Botanical source: Phaseolus vulgaris L. 4.Place of Origin:China 5.Grade: Pharmaceutical & food grade 6.Part of the plant used: beans 7.Appearance: Yellow white powder 8.Extraction Type:...

  • vegan pea protein

    vegan pea protein

    1. Product Name:Pisum sativum extract/green pea extract/peas extract 2.Specification: 5:1,10:1,20:1 3. Testing Method: HPLC 4. Appearance: Brown find powder Pea is a leguminous peas annual or biennial climbing herbs.Round the body of the call or honey honey beans beans again,...

  • green beans for diet

    green beans for diet

    Product Name:Mung Bean Sprout Extract Powder Specification: 5:1,10:1,20:1 Testing Method:UV Appearance:Brown find powder Green Mung Beans are an ancient superfood from Asia that have been eaten for centuries by health conscious cultures aware of their nutritional benefits....

  • black bean extract

    black bean extract

    Product Name:Black BeanExtract Latin Name:Glycine max (L.).Merr. Active ingredient:Anthocyanin/Anthocyanidin Specification:5% 10% 25% Product Type:Purple fine powder Part of the Plant Used:Seed Coat Extract Method:Water/Alcohol Black bean Extract is extracted from Glycine...

  • red bean extract

    red bean extract

    Product Name:Red Bean Powder Latin name:Adenanthera microsperma Used Part:Seed Appearance:Light red fine powder It has flavor of red bean, with rich good smell and strong taste.Characteristics: to maximum content, maintain the original color and luster, flavors and fibers of...

  • red rice yeast statin

    red rice yeast statin

    Product name: Red Reast Rice P.E Active ingredient: Lovastatin Botanical source: Monascus Purpureus Went Specification: 0.1%,0.4%,1.0%,2.0%Lovastatin Characters: Red fine powder Solubility: Easily soluble in ether,chlorofrom, methanol,ethanol,acetone etc. Usage:...

  • red rice extract

    red rice extract

    Product Name:Rice Extract Part used:Seed Appearance:Yellow-gray powder Specs:10:1,20:1 by UV, 98%Oyzanol CAS NO.: 11042-64-1 rice protein ,extracted during the rice starch and the rice syrup production, obtained by wet milling, sieving, separation, concentration and drying ....

  • brown rice protein

    brown rice protein

    Product Name:Brown Rice Extract Part used:Seed Appearance:Yellow Brown powder Specs:10:1,20:1 by UV Odor:Characteristic Brown rice extract ,Brown rice is rice caryopsis after take off outside protective layer rice husk, protection within the cortex (peel, seed coat, the...

  • barnyard millet nutrition

    barnyard millet nutrition

    1. Product Name:Millet seed Extract,Millet Extract 2. Latin Name:Panicum miliaceum L 3. Specifications:Methionine 10%--50% 4. Appearance:Brown yellow powder Millet Seed is the second-most widely planted species of millet, and the most important in East Asia. It has the...

  • yi yi ren extract

    yi yi ren extract

    Product Name: Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed Extract Semen Coicis Extract Ma-yuen Jobstears Seed Extract Jobstears seed,Coix Seed Semen Coicis yi yi ren, Semen Euryales Part Used: Seeds Appearance: Yellowish-brown powder Specifications: coixenolide,coixol 5:1 10:1 20:1 Job's...

  • black rice extract

    black rice extract

    Product Product Name: Black Rice Extract Latin Name: Oryza satiua Part used: Seed Active ingredient: Anthocyandins and Anthocyanin Specification: 5%-25% by UV Appearance: Dark violet fine powder CAS NO.: 528-58-5 Molecular formula: C15H11ClO6 Extract Method : Alcohol/ Water...

  • rye grass extract

    rye grass extract

    Product Name:Rye powder Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction Active ingredient: Anthocyandins and Anthocyanin Appearance: Dark purplePowder Rye is a cereal with great nutritional qualities that belongs to the same family as wheat and barley, and is known for its exquisite...

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