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Grain Extract Powder

Grain Extract Powder includes White Kidney Bean Extract Benefits, Vegan Pea Protein, Green Beans For Diet, and the like.
Brown rice is the caryopsis after the rice is removed from the outer protective cortex, and the inner protective cortex (peel, seed coat, bead layer) is intact. The grain is thicker due to the inner protective layer of crude fiber and wax. Tight, it takes a lot of time to cook, but its slimming effect is remarkable. Compared with ordinary refined white rice, brown rice is richer in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, and is considered a green and healthy food.
Bingo Biochem is a professional and reliable Grain Extract Powder manufacturer and supplier specializing in the development and production of natural biological extracts. There are a lot of Grain Extract Powder for sale, you can rest assured that our raw materials are all natural.
  • white kidney bean extract benefits

    white kidney bean extract benefits

    1.Product name: White Kidney beans 2.Active ingredient: Phaseolin, Phaseolamin 3.Botanical source: Phaseolus vulgaris L. 4.Place of Origin:China 5.Grade: Pharmaceutical & food grade 6.Part of the plant used: beans 7.Appearance: Yellow white powder 8.Extraction Type:...

  • vegan pea protein

    vegan pea protein

    1. Product Name:Pisum sativum extract/green pea extract/peas extract 2.Specification: 5:1,10:1,20:1 3. Testing Method: HPLC 4. Appearance: Brown find powder Pea is a leguminous peas annual or biennial climbing herbs.Round the body of the call or honey honey beans beans again,...

  • green beans for diet

    green beans for diet

    Product Name:Mung Bean Sprout Extract Powder Specification: 5:1,10:1,20:1 Testing Method:UV Appearance:Brown find powder Green Mung Beans are an ancient superfood from Asia that have been eaten for centuries by health conscious cultures aware of their nutritional benefits....

  • black bean extract

    black bean extract

    Product Name:Black BeanExtract Latin Name:Glycine max (L.).Merr. Active ingredient:Anthocyanin/Anthocyanidin Specification:5% 10% 25% Product Type:Purple fine powder Part of the Plant Used:Seed Coat Extract Method:Water/Alcohol Black bean Extract is extracted from Glycine...

  • red bean extract

    red bean extract

    Product Name:Red Bean Powder Latin name:Adenanthera microsperma Used Part:Seed Appearance:Light red fine powder It has flavor of red bean, with rich good smell and strong taste.Characteristics: to maximum content, maintain the original color and luster, flavors and fibers of...

  • red rice yeast statin

    red rice yeast statin

    Product name: Red Reast Rice P.E Active ingredient: Lovastatin Botanical source: Monascus Purpureus Went Specification: 0.1%,0.4%,1.0%,2.0%Lovastatin Characters: Red fine powder Solubility: Easily soluble in ether,chlorofrom, methanol,ethanol,acetone etc. Usage:...

  • red rice extract

    red rice extract

    Product Name:Rice Extract Part used:Seed Appearance:Yellow-gray powder Specs:10:1,20:1 by UV, 98%Oyzanol CAS NO.: 11042-64-1 rice protein ,extracted during the rice starch and the rice syrup production, obtained by wet milling, sieving, separation, concentration and drying ....

  • brown rice protein

    brown rice protein

    Product Name:Brown Rice Extract Part used:Seed Appearance:Yellow Brown powder Specs:10:1,20:1 by UV Odor:Characteristic Brown rice extract ,Brown rice is rice caryopsis after take off outside protective layer rice husk, protection within the cortex (peel, seed coat, the...

  • barnyard millet nutrition

    barnyard millet nutrition

    1. Product Name:Millet seed Extract,Millet Extract 2. Latin Name:Panicum miliaceum L 3. Specifications:Methionine 10%--50% 4. Appearance:Brown yellow powder Millet Seed is the second-most widely planted species of millet, and the most important in East Asia. It has the...

  • yi yi ren extract

    yi yi ren extract

    Product Name: Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed Extract Semen Coicis Extract Ma-yuen Jobstears Seed Extract Jobstears seed,Coix Seed Semen Coicis yi yi ren, Semen Euryales Part Used: Seeds Appearance: Yellowish-brown powder Specifications: coixenolide,coixol 5:1 10:1 20:1 Job's...

  • black rice extract

    black rice extract

    Product Product Name: Black Rice Extract Latin Name: Oryza satiua Part used: Seed Active ingredient: Anthocyandins and Anthocyanin Specification: 5%-25% by UV Appearance: Dark violet fine powder CAS NO.: 528-58-5 Molecular formula: C15H11ClO6 Extract Method : Alcohol/ Water...

  • rye grass extract

    rye grass extract

    Product Name:Rye powder Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction Active ingredient: Anthocyandins and Anthocyanin Appearance: Dark purplePowder Rye is a cereal with great nutritional qualities that belongs to the same family as wheat and barley, and is known for its exquisite...

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