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Grain fiber

  • oat fiber

    oat fiberProduct Name: Oat Fiber Powder Latin Name: Avena Sativa L. Other Name: Oat Dietary Fiber Powder Appearance: Off-White Fine Powder Active Ingredient:Beta Glucan Odor: Characteristic Test Method:UV Shelf Life : 2 Years Oat is a rich source of the watersoluble fibre (1,3/1,4) Beta Glucan, and its...

  • buckwheat products

    buckwheat productsProdcut name: Water-soluble dietary Oat fiber powder Latin Name: Avena sativa L. Content: Fiber Specification: 30% Appearance: light-yellow powder Mesh size: 80 Mesh Used Part: grain Grade: Food Ingredients Brand Name: LS-Herb Test Method: UV Buckwheat flour is the processed product of buckwheat...

  • fiber supplements

    fiber supplementsProduct Name: Wheat dietary fiber Botanical Name: Wheat Part Used: whole herb Active ingredient: Wheat fiber Appearance: Light yellow powder Specification: 30-95% Test method: Washing-RUT U. S. Department of Agriculture's research and even that of wheat grass in terms of reducing blood sugar...

  • barley benefits

    barley benefitsProduct name: Barley grass fiber powder Other name: Barley fiber Part of the plant used:seeds Grade:Food Appearance:Off white powder Usage: Health care product ,Natural green Food . The traditional wheat fine is barley and malt as raw materials by biological extraction technology with a typical...