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Vegetable Powder

  • Tomato Juice Powder

    Tomato Juice Powder

    Prodcut name:Natural Spray Dried Tomato Powder, Lycopene, VC Latin Name:Lycopersicon esculentum Content: Lycopene Specification:Spray dried powder Appearance: red powder Mesh size: 80 Mesh Used Part:fruit Grade: Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals,Healthcare ingredients Brand...

  • celery seed extract

    celery seed extract

    Product Specification : 10:1,20:1 Product Name: Celery Extract Latin Name: Apium graveolens Appearance: Fine yellow powder Part of the Plant Used: Stem & leaf(Dried, 100% Natural) Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water It is natural completely,Apigenin is a flavone that is...

  • opium lettuce extract

    opium lettuce extract

    Product Name: Lettuce Extract Botanical Name: Lactuca virosa Part Used: Leaf orRoot,Herb Specification: 4: 1,5:1, 10: 1, 20: 1 Appearance: Yellow Brown or;Light green fine powder Lettuce extract has been considered to be a mild sedative that is known to calm the nerves, treat...

  • cucumber extract

    cucumber extract

    Product Name:cucumber extract Latin Name:Cucumis sativus Specification:10:1 Solubility :Soluble in water Appearance:Gray brown powder Test Method:TLC Sieve Analysis:Pass 80 mesh Cucumber extract has many benefits for the skin. It actually is a member of the same family as...

  • spinach extract

    spinach extract

    Product Name: Spinach Extract Latin Name: Spinacia oleracea L. Part used: Leaf Appearance: green fine powder Specification: 4:1 5:1,10:1,20:1 etc. Extracted Solvent: Water Test Method: TLC Particle size: 80 mesh Spinach is a good source of Vitamin K, which aids in the...

  • Dehydrated Wheat Grass Powder

    Dehydrated Wheat Grass Powder

    Dehydrated Wheat Grass Powder Product details Product Specification : Dehydrated Wheat Grass Powder Product Name: Wheat Grass Extract Latin Name: Triticum aestivum Plant Origin: China Part of the Plant Used: Grass Product description It is rich in vitamins,minerals,enzymes...

  • cabbage extract

    cabbage extract

    Product Name: Cabbage Extract Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea L. Var. Capiata L. Part Used: whole herb Specification: 5:1,10:1,20:1 Appearance: Red to Violet-red or green fine powder Cabbage is red food color made from purple cabbage (Cruciferae) through extraction,...

  • glucomannan powder

    glucomannan powder

    Product Name: Konjac Flour Latin Name: Anorphophallus konjac K Koch CAS No.: 37220-17-0 Molecular Formula: C26H43O22 Molecular Weight: 780 Konjac is a plant that is found in China, Japan and Indonesia. The plant is part of the genus Amorphophallus. Typically, it thrives in...

  • lotus root flour

    lotus root flour

    【Product name】Lotus root powder 【Appearance】Fine Powder 【Colour】White 【Odor】 Natural Lotus root flavour 【Solubility】≥98% 【Particle size 】100% pass 80 mesh 【Loss on drying 】≤6% Lotus seeds or Lotus nuts are the seeds of plants in the genus Nelumbo, particularly the species...

  • garlic powder

    garlic powder

    【Product name】Garlic powder 【Appearance】Fine Powder 【Colour】White to light yellow 【Odor】Natural Garlic flavour 【Solubility】≥98% 【Particle size 】100% pass 80 mesh 【Loss on drying 】≤6% Dried Garlic powder is dehydrated ground garlic, and provides some of the flavor, but not the...

  • dehydrated pumpkin powder

    dehydrated pumpkin powder

    Product Name:Pumpkin Powder Latin Name:Cucurbita Linn. Part Used: Fruit Testing Method: TLC Appearance: yellow powder Specification: 10:1 Extract solvent: Water & Grain alcohol Pumpkin is a kind of health care vegetable, which contains rich nourishments and has...

  • dried yam flour

    dried yam flour

    Prodcut Name: Yam Root flour Latin Name:Dioscorea oppositae thunb. Other Name: Yam Root Dry Powder Appearance: White Fine Powder Mesh size: 100% Pass 80 Mesh Used Part: Tuber Grade: Food & Pharmaceutical Yam Root , commonly known as colic root or Mexican wild yam, is...

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